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Why I vote

Posted by adam.dada on March 6th, 2006

Anarcho-capitalists as a whole are against the idea of voting — we believe that voting for a government official is using force against others. I tend to agree, but I also vote, which for some of my peers is a conundrum that requires explanation.

At the end of March, I’ll be voting in my local city, county and state elections. I don’t vote Republican or Democrat, though. I don’t even vote Libertarian as I have no faith in any politician. I vote for the best person to decide of what is best for myself and my household — me.

My ballot allows write-ins, and I take advantage of this to vote for myself for every position. Since no politician has ever understood what is best for me, I figure the only person who I should elect is myself. I recommend to others in my area to do the same — vote for themselves. We have a growing minority in my county, and I hope to see the youngest voters taking advantage of the polls to vote for themselves as well.

I always vote NO to judge retention, and I always vote NO to any tax referendum. I basically vote NO across the board — NO to every candidate, and NO to every referendum. I’d rather see a “none of the above” option, but in reality, my write-in for myself is the same.

My dream for the national elections would be seeing 7% for the Democratic Presidential Candidate, 6% for the Republican one, and 87% for Other — meaning 87% of the people voting for themselves. We’d still elect the Democrat (or whoever) in this outcome, but the mandate of the people would have to be aired on the media.

Don’t skip on the opportunity to vote for yourself in any election. It is the best vote, the only vote worth making.

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3 Responses to “Why I vote”

  1. Anarcho-capitalism » Defending the basic ideology of the Unanimocracy Says:

    [...] Sad that people think they need a political party to set their lives free. The best way to reduce the power of government is to inform others than the worst thing they can do is vote. Voting is just accepting the use of force, no matter what form it comes in. I recommend my way of voting, which guarantees a freedom from tyranny if everyone voted this way. [...]

  2. Anarcho-capitalism » Blog Archive » “You seem very jaded” Says:

    [...] Wrong again. I pay more taxes than you will ever pay, and I pay it for the things YOU vote for. I don’t vote, because I think it is morally wrong to force other people to follow my moral beliefs. But I have to pay for YOUR use of force, even though I disagree with all of it. Who is taking advantage of whom? I work hard, and every hour I work I save someone MORE than an hour of their time. Some people believe I am worth US$250 per hour. That means I must be saving them much more than that. Why isn’t that a fair transaction? Tax Write offs are only one of the perks Im sure you enjoy. Its those idiots that you are trying so desperatly to pull under your own moral reasoning, so how are you freeing yourself from them? [...]

  3. Anarcho-capitalism » Blog Archive » Christians who vote are Christians who support murder, theft and slavery Says:

    [...] If you must go to the ballot box, don’t vote for anyone on the ballot. Either do what I do and vote for yourself for every position, or vote for Jesus Christ for every position. Why not? The vote gets counted anyway, and you aren’t voting to support evil at all. I still recommend just staying home, and letting your families and friends in Christ know of the hypocrisy of putting the pen to paper and passing on your responsibilities to others. [...]